Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our house

OK, my 1 post has turned into 3. I guess I was trying to post too many photos and it wouldn't let me. I posted them kind of backwards. Starting with the kitchen-but you'll get the idea.

We still love our new house. It's been about 2 months that we have lived here. We've gotten to know the neighbors. Most are good:) One of our neighbors remembers when our house was being built back in 1939! He says he remembers watching the horses dig out the foundation.

Well, I better get back upstairs with my family. Dave will start wondering why it takes me so long to do "laundry" :)

PS laundry at our house=blogging.


  1. hey ness,

    I love the pictures of your house, you guys have done a lot of work on it already. Our house is older too, a 1932 farmhome, tudor style. I love the features, it has so much potential. We have one of those round archways too, I think a lot of those older homes had those.


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