Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What to write, what to write.....I wish my life was more interesting! Since my sister didn't share this funny story on her blog, I think I will. I hope you enjoy a good chuckle, it sure cracked me up!

My 6 year old niece asked my sister for a drink of water and apparently she was feeling pressed for time and thought it would be easier to speak in some sort of shorthand because instead of saying fank you (thank you). She just said "f." My confused sister, was like, "what?" and her 6 year old replied, "instead of fank you, I am just going to say "f" for short-or I might just say f-u mom!" Then my sister had to explain that thank you starts with "th" not "f." I wonder if she has told anyone else f-u? Like at church or a neighbors house, or if that was the first time she thought of it:)

OK, back to my blog. Preston got his 2nd tooth yesterday and he waved! It was so cute! We were in the waiting room at a Dr's. office and he just waved to this old man across from us, then later that night he waved all through dinner. It was funny because he was so tired, and while he was waving he would yawn and of course Dave and I would clap for him and make a big fuss. It was like he was thinking, "Okay, this is getting old, but if I have too I will keep waving."

Our plans today are: clean, laundry (the usual house stuff) a Costco run, and I have book club tonight-that I might not make it to, I just feel like I have had a lot going on and need to be home. My MOPS table is reading the book "Loving God With All Your Mind" by Elizabeth George. It is a nice easy read, very applicable, I would recommend it to anyone. I also want to organize my pantry and organize some recipes. I read this quote in a book and I feel like it applies to me right now, it is "always striving, never arriving!" I feel like I am always trying to be more organized but I am not. Maybe one day I will figure it out, until then I guess the striving will continue.

Does anyone have any ideas for cheap or free date nights??


  1. Found your blog off of Mary's site :) Yippee! That story about your niece is HILARIOUS! :) That's life though .. I love the innocence!
    OOh, teeth for Preston! I hope he is doing okay with them .. two in one week is serious business!
    Missed you last night! It was just Laurie and I, but we had a good time talking about Phil 3:13.
    Cheap dates: picnic dinner and walk in the park, go for coffee or milk shake (split one and share a straw!), dollar movie night at the garland ...

  2. Kate forgot the Parker original, date night at home: set aside a night, put those kids to bed, have a nice dessert or something and snuggle watching a movie(or play a game!)

    A Parker classic, I can't believe she didn't mention it !!!


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