Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hippy Juice, for lack of a better title.......

Hello bloggers it's been a while since I've posted anything so here is an update on our exciting life:)

Let's start with Preston-he has had a couple of new "firsts" here they are in order
August 7th- first boat ride on Hauser Lake in Grandpas boat, that was fun! He didn't cry, I thought he would since he's not too fond of loud noises but he just kept his eyes on daddy the whole time.
August 8th- first taste of cat food-yuck!
August 11th- when I went to get him up in the morning he had stood himself up in his crib. When I walked in he started laughing and had the biggest smile on his face.
August 11th- He waved and said hi!
Monday, Preston had to go to urgent care. He has had a cough for over a month and then he started wheezing. They told us that it was reflux-which he had been treated for in the past, I quit medicating him because he stopped being colicky but I guess coughing and breathing issues are all symptoms of reflux so we are medicating him again-hopefully it will help.

Side Note: While we were at the drs. office we had a strange and irritating experience. As soon as the nurse walked in. She said, "Mom, you have allergies. What did you just eat?" I thought this was odd since I have never been diagnosed with having allergies and the appt wasn't for me, but I told her. Then she went on to tell me she knows this because of the dark circles under my eyes and how I didn't look normal (thanks by way, that's always great to hear) and how the meridian in the third toe travels up my leg to my stomach and eyes and that's why I have dark circles.. yadda yadda yadda....and then she went on how we should put Preston on goats milk formula yadda yadda yadda..AND THEN she handed us her business card for some hippy juice, I mean juice from the equator, um yeah, not giving that to my baby..Dave and I are thinking, "you know what else grows down by the equator?" Then she told my to put the card in my pocket and how lucky for us that we happened to meet by chance and so on. Again, I'm thinking it's not really by chance-we made an appointment. Really though-has it come down to this? Like we don't get enough solicitations at home on our phone I certainly don't need to get solicited by our doctors office! Out of courtesy I won't say the name of the clinic, but it rhymes with shmoop shmealth:)

Now for me. I have been busy trying to keep our floors clean! With Preston crawling I have to keep up on this chore which is sometimes several times a day having wood floors and two cats doesn't help.
Yesterday P and I spent a good part of the afternoon outside soaking up some vitamin D. I got both flower beds and the garden weeded and mowed the lawn. All with P in tow in the backpack and jump-a-roo!
I have decided to start cleaning houses. I have only one client (thanks mom;) but know of a lady who cleans in the Shadle area who is going to quit cleaning and I might inherit all her clients! I am really excited about that-I am one of those weird people who love to clean and find great satisfaction in it! She is a mom too, and takes her kid with her, so I already know that bringing Preston would not be an issue.

Now for Dave. Dave was busy this weekend helping my grandma move. We also came out with a new (to us) chest freezer (woo-hoo, freezer cooking here I come!) and a camper. The camper is pretty nice, it just needs a good scrubbing and some curtains, foam mattress pad etc. Other than that, Dave is just busy working, working, working. I am so grateful to have such a hardworking hubby:)

Wow-this is a long post!


  1. Ok, seriously wierd about the Dr. visit, I totally think you should make a comment to the higher ups there, you should not have that happending when you go to visit the Dr!!! That nurse needs to find a new way to find customers!

    We soaked up some sun yesterday too, but it didn't include yardwork, just soaking!!! :)

    those lazy Stanearts, what will we do with them!!! :)

  2. Cool! Sounds like you've been having fun :)
    I'm sure you will LOVE your chest freezer and wonder how you lived w/o it! It's sooo great to have the extra space! Don't feel like you have to fill it all at once ;)

  3. ok, jenessa, just checked your blog from being away all week and it was great to get a laugh! just cracking up about the dr. office. we have to have things like that to keep us on our toes and see how the "other half" live. :) too funny!

    and i'm totally excited for you to have a camper. some of my best memories are from our family vacations in our little prowler. i can't wait until our family finds one after seminary. :)


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