Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The broken femur club welcomes its newest member

Looking at my title you can tell that this post is not gonig to be a good one...

Dave (age 3)pushed down hill on sled by 2 older brothers
Jenessa (age 14)pushed/fell off trampoline at neighbors
Newest Member; Chelsey (age 20)cliff diving in Canada
We all 3 have broken our left femurs! Chelsey by far has the best story!

We just got home from Canada (again) last night. We went for one last time this summer to spend our long weekend at the cabin. We arrived Friday afternoon. Saturday was a wonderful day spent sitting around the campfire (all day!) in my pj's visiting with Amy C. and reading. Until.....we get a phone call. Alyssa comes out and says "Chelsy (Daves little sister, who is also up at the cabin with three friends) broke a bone or something?" So after getting the info. Scott and Dave race to Fintry to go to her. Chelsey and her friends were Cliff diving and she hit a rock in the water. Dave said her femur was sticking 3 inches out of her leg and her shin is basically skinned. It took search and rescue 6 hours to be able to get her out! They had to use ropes and lift her out in a basket. The only medicine she has was laughing gas and that only lasted an hour and a half before it ran out. That's it! By the time she arrived at the hospital it was midnight...this happend at 4:30 in the afternoon. AGhhhh....does it make your leg hurt thinking about it???


  1. I want to cry as I think about the pain she was in, and scream at the lack of medical care she got! That is SO maddening!

    I guess we can be thankful for the medical care we have in the states! We are so blessed here, and it is taken for granted all the time!!

  2. We are praying for you Chelsea!

  3. are you kidding me?!

    that's all i have to say...

  4. Oh. my. gosh. My left femur really is hurting just thinking about it. Good to see you at MOPS today, and I will also be frequenting your blog!


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