Wednesday, September 24, 2008

looking back

Without even looking at the calendar my gut tells me instinctively that a year has gone by. It leaves me feeling very reminiscent. The past year has held so many changes for me that it is neat to look back and reflect, to see how God provided for our family.

One year ago:
I was 6 months pregnant and waiting, waiting, waiting......
We had just moved to Spokane and were living at Daves moms house.
Dave had just started his new job, which we were so thankful for, because the job he had planned on working at over here fell through!
Dave was getting ready to go and work in Cle Elum for 3 months, while I stayed behind.
We were just about to move into our apartment in Liberty Lake-Prestons first home, even if it was for a short time.
I was just getting to know people at FBC and was involved with MOPS.

This year:
We are living in our new home-and absolutely loving it!
Preston is 9 months old and is so amazing, he is growing so fast!
Dave is working in town!
I have taken up the hobby of blogging
I have 2 good friends within walking distance of our new house and who love Starbucks as much as me:)
We love living in Spokane close to our family!


  1. It is amazing what can happen in a year! God is good!!!

  2. hi, i'm andie from beautiful work. it's fun to see your blog. what a COOL background on your blog, too! I haven't seen it before. I'm sad to read about the breathing problems with your little one. my 14 month old boy has sickness induced asthma. But, I don't have much insight to offer to the particulars you are dealing with. i hope you find some answers.

  3. i noticed YOU were cheating on ME the other day! ;) i guess that just means we're even now. i have little eyes in the back of my car...


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