Friday, September 19, 2008

so i am pretty sure that i have a "crazy" check mark by my name is Prestons chart at the doctors office. and the nurse hot line, yeah that's on my speed dial. okay, so i don't have speed dial but if i did it would be on there.

prestons been having weird breathing issues ever since he was born. he spent 5 days in the nicu for "unknown" breathing problems and a low o2 saturation. which could be why i feel so paranoid. but he wheezes a lot, acts like he has allergies....sneezing, coughing, etc. somedays its better and some days its worse. he gasps a lot and you how when kids cry really hard and can't catch their breath and they hiccup over and over and over-he does that but he hasn't been crying. The other night he did that from 7pm-3am then just stopped. Sometimes he'll just stop breathing for 5-10 seconds.

Every time I bring him in to discuss this, they say his lungs are fine and that it is reflux. Has anyone else had this experience with reflux??? His doctor doesn't think that it is allergies or asthma, I am thinking i would like him tested. Am I crazy? This is just driving me nuts! I have never had any experience with reflux so any advice is appreciated!

Oh yeah, and he has a double ear infection!


  1. hey ness, i don't have experience with reflux, but i do with doctor's being wrong. i think you should do what you feel needs to be done for your son. you are ultimitaley his first care physician. you know him better than anyone and getting a test done would answer alot of questions you have. ;)

    okay, that's my two cents.

  2. yes. I agree with this. change docs if needed. stopping breathing is scary! try to find a doc like mine who always assures me that my mother's instinct is what I need to listen to first.


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