Tuesday, July 7, 2009

fourth of july pictures

This year we celebrated the fourth of July with the Meyers over in Kennewick.
It was great to see them and visit, watch Preston play with his cousins and see their new house!
The fireworks were a hit-Preston really loved the sparklers. While we were there we learned: a) Preston does not like to sleep in the port-a-crib and b) Preston does not like car rides {well, we knew that but we were reminded exactly how much he dislikes car rides!}
I still wonder what I was thinking when I bought that Golf-obviously I wasn't thinking about our future and having kids! I think our next car will be a minivan! I am really nervous about our two trips comming up {our annual Canada trip, and Seattle in September} and how Preston will do-yikes! Makes for one nervous mom!

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