Monday, July 27, 2009

the big boy bed blues

ok, today is going to be a rough one. i am functioning on minimal sleep-this makes for one grumpy, unmotivated mama!

one word comes to mind. hindsight.

why did i mess with a good thing? why did i make dave take down the crib? why was i so intent on preston having a big boy bed? he loved his crib. he slept wonderfully in his crib at least 12 hours a night. and he would play in it for a hour every morning before i got him up.


he has to have someone lay down by him until he goes to sleep-which in most cases is usually a good hour or so. he gets up at least 3 times in the middle of the night and doesn't go back to sleep for a good hour or two {which in the middle of the night, when you are tired feels like a really long time!} and now he gets up earlier too.

i keep replaying a conversation between dave and i in my head-it goes something like this.

Dave: "honey, i don't want to take the crib down, and have to put it back up."

Me: "oh, he'll be fine, he'll love it."

maybe if i don't put any make-up on today and leave the dark circles under my eyes, dave will feel sorry for me when he gets home and put the crib back up-so this mama can get some sleep!

i know. i am crazy.


  1. Oh no!! I am so sorry! Preston found his freedom. I love your new backround, by the way...your blog looks great even if you have dark circles under your eyes. :)

  2. Let Dave take care of him tonight. The crib will be up before morning :)


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