Wednesday, July 22, 2009

an update

I feel like it's been a while since I've really written anything. So here goes. First I want to say thanks for all your lovely comments and suggestions regarding my post about needing to find focus! That's what I love about blogging-I ask questions and I get answers:)

So what's new with us? Well, we are in awe that summer is half over. It always goes by so quickly! I think our Canada plans have fallen through-due to the fact that we never got our enhanced drivers licenses and also August is a really busy month for us! I am just hoping that one of these weekends we can make some time to go camping and spend some time outdoors.
Dave has been busy, busy, busy doing projects around the house-he always finds something to do. It is so nice to finally have a house of our own that he can do stuff to, he really enjoys it! Last night he made Preston a chair out of scrap wood, it's sooo cute, it actually looks more like a throne because it has a really high back, I was thinking of spray painting it red and getting a decal or rub on of a crown-I will have to post some pictures when it is finished:)

I stay busy with my "best nesst" business-I am having a lot of fun with it. When I am not doing that-I am doing other wifey/mother stuff. You know. Today, Preston and I walked/jogged down to the YMCA and got a membership. I am so excited to use it! I love the fact that it is so close.

Preston is growing like a weed. I can't believe how big he is getting. In 8 days he will be 19 months old! Can you believe it?? I can't! He is such a daddys boy, he just loves his da da. Everything is monkey see, monkey do. He loves being outside, playing in the water, and the dirt and in the garage. We've really been having to work on discipline issues such as hitting and recently biting. It is so hard to discipline him, but I know that it must be done. I wonder though, if I am not spanking hard enough when after a spanking he looks at me and signs "more, more" I say, "more what?" and he says, "more spank" and starts spanking himself. Hmmm. I must be doing something wrong;) Preston also got a big boy bed a few weeks ago. He loves it so much! He won't sleep in it, but he likes to sit on it and look at books, he thinks it's pretty cool! So do I.

Well on to other things....


  1. too cute! at least he doesn't say,"that didn't hurt!" when you spank ... although that might not be too far off! LOL Kids are so funny! :)

  2. hey! miley just got her big girl bed today and i'm so in love with it. she fell asleep in it after only getting out about seven times. :)

  3. Great to hear an update from your family! I really miss having a house to fix up and work on...most of the time! I've really been working to get our yard in order at the house we are renting, but I lack the motivation I had when we lived in the home we own. It must be a law of nature!
    I left a follow up comment for you under my "Cheez-it" post. :)


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