Sunday, August 23, 2009

21. freshly picked peaches
22. finding goodies at a garage sale and giving them a new purpose-{that is a new post in itself!}
23. thrifting-it's the thrill of the hunt and the joy of a bargain!
24. the quiet moments spent with Preston while going through his bedtime routine-it's just so sweet.
25. freshly cut grass
26. a clean kitchen-aren't we all thankful for that!
27. my camera
28. watching Preston grow and hearing him talk more and start putting words together.
29. quiet time alone
30. receiving encouragement

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  1. seriously?! where in the world HAVE I BEEN?!! i've missed like the last five posts and idon'tknowhow!!!

    anyway, LOVE the gratefulness list. i am a long-time reader of holy experience and have always wanted a place to document my list. but haven't figured out how to do it successfully on my blog. i guess i should just start, huh?! nothing complicated. simple and listy. sounds good to me, i guess. :)

    i'm a fan of lists. i'm a fan of being thankful. i'm a fan of ann{e}'s. i'm a fan of your list. i'm just a fan.

    sorry i've been lacking in comment-leaving on this blog. shame on me. ;) i'll do better. yup, i will.


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