Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Fun-Day 1 {thursday}

These past few days have been jam packed with lots of family fun! It's been an unofficial family reunion of sorts. Seriously, we've had something going on every day Thursday-Sunday. {today we just had to take a break!}
Thursday my cousin Kelly arrived. Preston and I went to pick her up from the airport-on our way to the Weaver homestead we took a little detour to Grandma and Grandpa Panthers old house. I have to say it looks a lot smaller than I remembered. Funny how that happens-the bigger I get, the smaller things get. Oh, and I got to find out the hard way that Preston gets carsick {maybe that's why he cries so much in the car???} And by finding out the hard way I mean I to once again clean throw up out of my car-ewwww. Sorry Kelly!

Here are the boys, working on their inventions.

See this white shirt?? I couldn't even get in clean after 2 washes in bleach!

Ice-cream anyone?? Aren't these just some handsome looking cousins?

I couldn't resist posting this picture-Dave says it is a face only a mother could love. I say it is a face that is experiencing pure JOY!
Thursday night we had a big storm-we lost power for several hours. It was so much fun-Preston, Dave and I just laid on our bed and listened to the rain and enjoyed the cool breeze. We also got to experience true quiet. No hum of the refrigerator, TV, or computer. Just the sound of rain and a few giggles!
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  1. i LOVE the sound of rain! something i'm getting used to is "appreciating" {ie: not being completely terrified} the sound of thunder and most importantly, the look of lightening! ;)


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