Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blog worthy news

News headlines that I have deemed blog worthy.

In California 45,000 inmate are going to be released from jail because of a lawsuit filed 18 years ago {by other inmates} that crowded jails were cruel and unusual punishment. Um, what?!?


A Bridezilla {you know, from the tv show} was arrested on set because her bad attitude violated her parole. I am glad that the bad attitude police aren't around my house;)

Just look at the glow on this bridezilla to be-you can tell she is thrilled and excited about the wedding process. Do you think she is singing her fiancees' praises? Just look, how she is looking to the heavens....what a lucky guy. Ok, I hope that wasn't mean.


  1. you are hilarious! i hope i wasn't THAT bad, but i wasn't a very nice bride on my wedding day. :(

  2. What?!? Tammy, you were a bridezilla? I don't believe it! :)

  3. i was 21 ~ enough said ... lol


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