Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prayers for Preston

This is a project I have been wanting to finish for a while-a prayer book for Preston.
I just love praying scripture because so often I feel overwhelmed at all the ways I should/could be praying and this really simplifies it for me-and I am all about things being simplified!

I originally got this idea from Angie Smith at Bring the Rain-7 prayers a day. They are just scriptures that she chose that you can pray for your kids throughout the day. Prayers for when they wake up, are eating, getting dressed, taking a bath, taking a nap and going to sleep.
I put the o-ring so I could have it handy and they are laminated-in case it get dropped in the bath or smudged with peanut butter and jelly:) {have I mentioned to you all that I have my own laminator?-that's a new post though!}
My goal is that I will be able to memorize all these scriptures one day.
Next, I am going to work on one for my husband, our family and myself-I can add them all on the same o-ring or make separate books. You will notice that I also added a picture of Preston-I hope to add more pictures as time goes on...

{when he wakes up}

{getting dressed}

{bath time}

{when we leave the house}

{nap time}

{bed time}


  1. I love this idea!! Mindy Buller gave me a book of prayers for Faye before she was born. I still have it and use it often. There is a page called the "Abc's of prayer" and has a prayer for each letter.
    You could make these for a gift as well, that would be great! Love it, love it! You are so creative! :)

  2. I made some like these too! (But yours are much prettier:) I may have to go beautify my set now... Thanks for sharing!


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