Wednesday, September 2, 2009

happy new year!

Happy New Years! No you didn't misunderstand me-depending how you look at it, I am either 1 day late or 4 months early, but I always have considered September 1 my New Years. I think it is much more appropriate than Jan 1. Don't you?

While some people are busy getting ready and organized for the coming school year I am getting organized and ready for the year my own way....I may not be in school {thank goodness!} or have school age children, but I need to get ready for the coming year nonetheless! Soon MOPS {mothers of preschoolers} will be starting along with growth group and various bible studies at church, outings, play dates and so on and so on......

September has always been the start of my year-much more than Jan 1 is. Today I have been working on getting my bills organized {insert yuck sound here} I hate bills. I hate paying them and I hate getting them and I hate pretty much everything about them! I have had a large stack of miscellaneous papers in my basement and was shocked when I looked at the date-the last time I had organized my bills or had any kind of method to my chaos was in March. It was time to get a new system I thought! So that's what I have been doing today. Trying to get a method in all my madness. {the reason i even went through them in the first place is because I had to find my marriage certificate so I could change my name, apparently I never did that after we got married-I needed this to get my enhanced drivers license so we could go to Canada this past weekend-ohhh, procrastination is never a good thing!}

My friend Katie had a really good idea that I thought I would share-her and her husband are going on a date to discuss what they want their schedules to look like this coming school year-isn't that a great idea? Because honestly is this something you can get done in the evening with kids around? Probably not. If you can-that's great, more power to you;) But for the rest of us-what a great excuse to go on a date!

The rest of the week I will keep on, keeping on with my organizing! Good luck to you if you decide to join me!

How are you getting ready for the coming year? What's on your calendar?


  1. Do you want to use my apprentice organizer to see if that will help with organization? Or are you using something else? If so, what? :)

  2. I feel like I am in the middle of the same process...S starts preschool and I start teaching piano and voice lessons this month. I, too, am working on finding a method to the madness:)

  3. It's just killing me! It's funny looking back-I gave myself about 6 months to a year to get my life "back in order" yeah, not so much. I still don't have this mom/wife/staying at home gig down...will I ever?? :)


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