Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Metal Tray Makeover

I thought my house could use a splash of color soooo...I made over these metal trays that I got at the Farm Chicks show. First I spray painted them all black, then I lined them with paper. I modge podge one of them-but I think I like the matte look better.
I love that they are magnetic and it is just one more place that I can put pictures and notes.
I also made one into a "catch all" tray by my front door to hold my keys etc.
I love finding new uses for paper:)


  1. How fun! :) The owl is the cutest little thing ~

    I love all the colors on the trays ... what a great idea!

  2. i absolutely love how you hung them all on the wall like that! very shabby chic! :)

  3. Very cute! It's art and it's functional!


  4. LOVE that!! I love how colorful and fun they are! I may have to steal this idea! :)


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