Saturday, October 24, 2009

His first ipod.

So when we went to Seattle in September, my friend Katie gave us her old ipod shuffle. {Quite possibly because she felt sorry for us...cause we are probably the last people on the planet who don't have one.} Anyways, they upgraded, and we got our first ipod. Preston loves it. He can't fit the little ear buds in his 21 month old ears-so he uses Daves old head phones. He thinks he is so cool:) He also thinks that it doubles as a camera-I haven't had the heart to tell him the truth, so I just let him "snap away."  He walks around saying, "cheese booger!"
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  1. ok, first of all...cute! second, i don't have one either. you're not alone. but apparently, now i am.


  2. I'm going to start saying "cheese booger" when I try to get my kids to smile for a photo, lol, Cute! :)


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