Friday, November 20, 2009

I want to know your thoughts...

about privacy and blogging-or online in general.
I was talking with my mentor mom from MOPS today about this subject I guess there are "rules" or general safety guidelines about posting pictures of your family and posting too much information.

But...that is what my blog is about. My family. If I don't post pictures or funny little things that Preston says and thoughts of general randomness, I am afraid that I wouldn't have a blog.

I understand needing to think about safety. That's what I want to do. I would love to hear ALL of your thoughts and opinions. I want to be able to share tidbits from our lives but keep my family safe at the same time.

I know one friend in particular {I'm sure you know who you are!} got rid of her facebook account and made her blog private-then went public again. What were the pros and cons?

Please share you thoughts!


  1. I totally hear you on this one.... I got rid of facebook mostly because I kept having random old guys request to be "my friend", and I definitely had no idea who they were. One sent me a message with his request saying he was given up for adoption as a baby and that he just found out his birth mother's maiden name was the same as mine and hoped I could help him locate his long lost biological family. I just laughed and hit delete of course. But then when my sister had someone hack into her fb account, which wasn't private to begin with, but they got in and grabbed all her contact info for everyone she knew, kinda got me nervous.

    Before I went private, I used a blog tracking thing for a while, which was mostly helpful, it showed all the hits to my blog. Some were from Japan and other countries where I uh, know no one.

    So anyway, I kept mine private for about 6 months, then it got old sending and re-sending my blog invite over and over to certain family members who are sort of internet illiterate. And I say that with utmost respect ;). I figured most of my "stalkers" may have dropped off my trail by then and went back public. But really, if I used the tracking thing again, I'd probably discover I've got a new list of them....

    But you're so right, without sharing the "real" details, I wouldn't have much of a blog. But I definitely don't want to risk the safety of my children. I go back and forth on this too.

  2. Oh, and I just thought of one more thing. I have my blog settings set so that search engines aren't supposed to be able to find my blog, and it isn't listed in blogger's listings either. So the only way people can get on my blog is by having received an invite from me for the link, or by clicking onto my link from someone else's blog who has a link to mine. I think that is safe-"er", but even with those settings I had all those strange people still find my blog... So yeah, what to do eh?

  3. hey ness...i just try to stay away from last names and make sure those that have my blog link on theirs keep my last name anonymous. as far as "detailed" information, i'm not sure what that really means besides not giving away 'personal' information. but what kid doesn't stick things in their noses and say hilarious things. i don't think you're going to get anyone dangerous putting those things out there. being aware, like anywhere, is the key to being safe in my opinion. :)


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