Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy {90th} Birthday GG!

Meet GG or Elzada as some people call her, but we call her GG.

GG is Daves grandma and one of Prestons most favorite people in the world!

Today is her 90th birthday!

Can you imagine 90 years? She has lots of stories too. She used to ride to school on a sleigh. She has seen the invention of cars, computers...so much that I just can't imagine. I wonder what all I will have seen when I am 90?

It is a bittersweet day becuase she is very sick and not expected to live long. She recently got diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and is at home with Hospice. Every time we visit GG and Nana Preston can't stop saying their names the whole way there. He chants. "GG, Nana" over and over agian. As soon as we get in the door he zooms right back to her bedroom to say hello. He sure loves GG and I think she's quite fond of him too;)

GG on the left and Great Grandma McCoul at Prestons first birthday.

GG and and much younger and somber looking Preston last Christmas.

I think part of Prestons attraction to GG is that she is patient. He just sits on her lap while she talks. She also has a lot of cool things like a cane, a walker {with wheels!}, glasses, a watch. You know all that stuff that is so fascinating to a little boy! She sings lots of songs and is just a neat lady:)

Happy 90th birthday GG!
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  1. She looks like a sweet lady! How neat to live to be 90, I hope I get to live that long.


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