Thursday, November 12, 2009

More thankful{ness}

Well most of you who read my other{family} blog or see me on facebook, know that I had a miscarriage early this week-so no baby yet. I say yet because we have every reason to hope that we it will happen...all in Gods timing and we are ok with that! Sad. But OK. Preston is evidence that we are able to have a healthy baby! God is loving. God is good. Gods timing is beautiful. I know from past experiences that Gods timing is way better than mine. So this time I am not even going to argue with Him! :) Phew. So, this just got me thinking of things that I am thankful for when things aren't going great.

135. Homemade french bread-with melted butter smothered on top. I am wiping crumbs off my lap as I type.

136. lipstick. Weird I know. And if you know me, you might think it even weirder! I don't really consider myself a "girly girl". I wear minimal jewelry if at all, I can't walk in heels, and in am more comfortable in a hoodie and cords or jeans than "dressy" stuff. I own 2 dresses. Neither of them fit me. In fact I don't even know where they are. I know nothing of name brands or any of that that being said, lately I like wearing lipstick. It makes me feel pretty:)

137. Hoodies. I have several, in many colors...I love wearing them and they make me feel good.

138. Reading. An easy read is a must. Nothing heavy, just gripping.

139. Cleaning. This is hit and miss. I have to be in the mood. But I could totally lose myself in cleaning and organizing!

140. Treasure hunting. AKA thrift shopping. I love searching for and finding that perfect thing that I didn't even know I needed!

141. Arriving home and finding goodies on my porch! Thanks Sara, Lynn and Angie:)

What cheers you up when you're feeling blue?

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