Friday, November 13, 2009

Our lives are constantly an example to those around us-whether we intend for them to be or not. It's the things we say and do that can impact people for the better or worse.

I was thinking of 2 examples of this today as I was cleaning house.

1. I used to never make our bed. It seemed kind of pointless, afterall we were just going to get back in it!  I remember reading my friend Stephanis blog awhile ago and she mentioned how she made her bed every day.  Having 6 kids {who are all absolutely adorable by the way!} you don't always get everything on your to do list checked off. But she always made her bed. Everyday.

I thought, I should try this. It sounds like a good goal and it's easy enough. So I started making our bed (not every day but most of the time) I thought this was something that would go unnoticed to Dave...I didn't really think he would care. Then one day he did notice and said something! He said, "Hmmm...I kind of like it that the bed is made, it makes changing clothes when I get home from work a little nicer, it's not so chaotic."

2. My friend/neighbor Katie has impacted me by the way she presents her food. (Now I don't know if she does this every night....I suppose I could go peek in her windows and get back to you all. ) But, I remember her saying how she uses cloth napkins and focuses on food presentation. This got me thinking that I should focus on making our meals look nice-not just throw things on the table in a sloppy way. It has really made our dinner time more enjoyable. Again, not every night but most of the time I get out our placemats and cloth napkins and actually set the table. I know that Dave also appreciates this and the extra effort that goes into not only preparing food-but putting it on the table in a pretty way.

So you two, you didn't mean to, but you have inspired me to make  life a little bit prettier at my house and I know Dave appreciates it! I just wanted to let you know that you have been an inspiration and say thanks!

So thank you! The little things do matter:)


  1. well... I am off to make my bed :)

  2. You are so is the little things that make life beautiful!

  3. i also like to use cloth napkins to save money buying paper ones. another way to be frugile and pretty at the same time. ;) it's fun to get different napkin rings for each person, so you always know what napkin is theirs {hence, not washing it every.single.night}. you can purchase these individually at world market or bed bath & beyond. :)

  4. Who knew making my bed could make me famous? ;)
    LOL, but my kids would probably just tell you I'm obsessive about it, since I make them make theirs too. :)

    I like Katie's idea too, cooking dinner can be so time-consuming as is, and then ravaged so quickly by my hungry kids I don't usually think much about making it pretty. But maybe I could at least shoot for once a week, I know I'd enjoy a pretty meal, on pretty plates, and napkins would certainly be an improvement over my kids wiping their faces all over their sleeves. :)


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