Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Well folks, Thanksgiving is over. Quite frankly at this point I don't ever want to see another turkey again. Ever. {I know I can be quite dramatic, I am sure I will be ready for more turkey in a few weeks.} I stuffed myself til I couldn't move-quite literally! I sat on Nanas couch for most the evening, too full to even chase Preston, poor kid was on his own. Too bad there were like only 13 other adults to keep an eye on him;)

If I could sum up this holiday in one word it would be


There was lots of it...and it was good.
Turkey necks may have been burnt, it may have been crowded. But it was good, the family, not the burnt turkey neck. Thought that needed clarification.

I was excited for Preston this week. He just didn't even know the fun that was in store for him. I knew he would be really excited to see EVERYONE! He is just a social little guy, really I don't know where he gets it. Dave and I are social rejects. Really.

You know what else. I didn't take one picture. Nada, zip, zero, zilch. All the memories are being stored the old fashioned way, in my brain.

Dave, Preston and I ventured out for just a little bit of shopping. Preston stole his first item. Magnets. Yes, I returned them.I really didn't think the crowds were too bad, but we went at 10:00 so maybe that was why.

But there were some lows. Like any day in life there is good and bad, this day was really no different, I should not be surprised. My heart betrayed me. I thought I was doing ok after having this miscarriage {which is still not really over, the gestational sac and placenta have not "passed" on their own so I will probably be having surgery in the near future-uggh.} Also, because of this miscarriage my arthritis has flared up, {I know, that sounds makes me sound so old!} but because I am off my medicine, the miscarriage acted as a huge stressor on my body...causing lots of pain in my foot. I had to get a shot in my toe last week! I just feel like, really God???...I am ready for this to be behind me. But, at the end of the day, I am trying to keep perspective. This is just a small bump in the road in the grand scheme of things.

I know in my heart that God is good. He is so good. And faithful. And a God of hope. And He is present, I am not alone and without purpose. That is so comforting to me.

Sometimes when I am feeling down, I like to play the piano-it takes me away, so to speak. I was flipping through my piano book-and the song title Shine on Us by Michael W Smith sounded like a good one to play. Have you heard it? It was the first time I have ever heard it or played it. To say it is beautiful is not enough. You can listen to it hear if you want. Just copy and past the code. I am not sure how to download videos from YouTube to my blog...yet.

It spoke to my heart like nothing else could.

Lord, let your light, light of your face shine on us
Lord, let your light, light of your face shine on us.

That we, may be saved.
That we, may have life

To find our way in the darkest night, Let your light shine on us.

{Lord, let your grace, grace from your hand fall on us.}

Many are asking, "Who can show us any good?" Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD.

Psalm 4:6

Oh Lord how I need your light to shine on me now.

In the words of my big sister.
"Sometimes you're the bug and sometimes you're the windshield."
Aren't big sisters great?


  1. When I said that quote I was speaking of life in general not specifically to you. That sounds so insensitive of me. Sometimes life is just hard :( It is interesting that you mentioned that song. I just added it to my playlist and was singing it yesterday. Focusing on God's truth is the best thing we can do in hard times... well it is the best thing we can ever do. I know you are not a hugger but I just want to give you a big hug :) Love ya!

  2. Love your descriptions, your blog is so fun to read because it's both interesting and real. :)

    On another note though, sure hope your arthritis gets feeling better, that sounds really painful, and sure you won't need to go in for surgery... you are in my prayers.

    I also love that song, and I can imagine how beautiful it must have sounded for you to play it. I remember sitting in your room back in the day when you'd play your keyboard, and I was always so envious of how beautifully you could play. Want to give me lessons? :)

  3. That song was sung at our wedding, I just love it too:)

  4. God is our way through it all, bugs, windshields, and all.

    But then, you knew that. I can tell.

  5. Can I please come here you play that sometime? Music for my soul...
    maybe brownies or cake tomorrow?

  6. Jenessa, Thanks for sharing your heart. I couldn't read this post without tears. I am so sad that you've had to walk through this, knowing what it feels like to be find one day and not the next. But I am so glad that you have Jesus to walk with you through it, and yes--You'll have to walk through it and not around it, but he'll be with you every step of the way. I'm praying for you tonight.
    I love that song too!

  7. Thanks for being so authentic! It is encouraging to read your blog and I always come away w/ a laugh or a tear and a reminder that God is good and that He loves us in the good, bad and the ugly.


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