Monday, December 14, 2009

2010 {it's just around the corner}

It is snowing-and I'm am drinking my favorite drink, a hazenult latte from starbucks, could it get any better? {actually it could, if I was typing this on my laptop in front of the fire upstairs instead of our cold basement, but I don't have a laptop so, oh well}

I know it's not even Christmas but I am thinking ahead to 2010. Thinking about the New Year and what it will bring.

I am hoping to make some changes {for the better} in my business and blog and etsy shop. You might find that my etsy shop is a tad scarce these days. I know. I am working it. I will probably be taking a little break and not working so hard {ha!} these last few weeks of Decemeber. I am working how to make my little business run a bit smoother. I am not what you would call business saavy, so I am trying to learn the ins and outs of running a business while focusing on my first priorities. {those would be my Dave, Preston, my house etc.} I really want to learn how to be a better blogger-is that funny/cheesy/dorky? Did you know there are books galore about blogging?!? I didn't but was pleasantly surprised! Then of course I have some personal goals, spirital goals, and financial goals that I want to focus one...I just need to spend some quiet time thinking, contemplate, and work through all these ideas that are running through my head!

What about you, have you been thinking about the New Year yet?


  1. Really, they have books on how to blog? Oh dear, I've probably just been doing it all wrong then. ;)

    I haven't done much thinking about the new year yet, I need to. There's just so much to do in December! :)

  2. You're not doing it {blogging} wrong-you could be one those to write a book;)! I love reading your blog! I've learned some new pharses-my favorite it blogorhea-like, ahmem, diarhea. {I know I'm spelling that wrong, I never can remember how to spell it}It's posting uninteresting things that no one cares about! ha!

    It does seem kind of silly {to me} to be thinking about the new year when december has so much going in on it-i agree! I guess it's just the list maker in me;)


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