Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my soul follows close behind you...
psalm 63:8

i love this verse. it is from a psalm of king david. *david is responding to Gods invitation to hold fast to Him. to cling to Him. to show God his unfailing commitment.
*{notes from John MacArthur study bible}

this verse is such a sweet and gentle reminder. so poetic.

this really speaks to me. it makes me question my loyalty to God. i hold fast to computer, i have unfailing commitment to law and order every wednesday at 9:00. i cling to my cup of coffee every morning. but am i loyal to God? do i hold fast to His promises ? am i following close behind Him?

often i let distractions get in the way, i listen to lies.

not today.

today i want to follow close behind Him. with His help of course!


  1. What a great reminder! Is this why I have only talked to you once today. :)

  2. I noticed this verse on your chalk board yesterday and loved it! thanks for the reminder ... again. you are good at that! :D


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