Saturday, January 30, 2010


Housekeeping aint no joke!
-Hannah, from Little Women

Today we are working on organizing and cleaning out the basement.
Earlier this week I was complaining chatting with my sister, Angie about how we just don't seem to have any room in our house. Her reply was, "it's probably because you have a jumping castle in your basement." Yes, that is so true. Mom and Dad, thanks for letting us borrow your jumping castle, but it just doesn' fit in our little house! It's funny how it looks a lot smaller when it's in your yard! I guess we will just have to wait until Summer to play. When you have a small house, like we do, things look bigger in it-it is an illusion I guess:)

Well, back to it folks!

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  1. haha, love how the woman in every picture is doing her task with a *smile*...


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