Monday, January 18, 2010

sweet monday.

ahhh sweet monday. good morning world! are you wondering why i am in such a good mood for a monday morning? well, i will tell you! this morning i woke up to the smell of soup, not coffee, (well that too) but the smell of soup... usually starting to burn which is why it wakes me up.

this can only mean one thing.

dave is working back in town! for about the last five weeks dave has been working in randle, wa about five and a half hours too far from home. it's been a rough five weeks. i'm not sure who it's been hardest on. i guess all of us in different ways. but we are so happy to have dave back home (even if it means i can no longer make waffles for dinner three times a week).

i am excited to get back into a routine and have a little order to our lives!

you may have also noticed that i am no longer writing on my other blog or doing my etsy shop. i found that financially and timewise it just wasn't something to pursue at this point in my life. instead i am  going to focus my attention on consigning my products-which will cut down on multiple trips to the bindery and post office! i am still making things though, just not as much custom orders.

well off to be a happy housewife and do housewifey things like grocery shop and clean;)

happy monday!


  1. you sound like a new woman today. I am so happy for you and your family. God is good!

  2. i'm so happy for you that you can be brave enough to make that decision...i'm sure it was a tough one. go you! :)

  3. Glad he's back in town! Aaron used to do out of towners when he was a painter. I dreaded it. It is so nice to have your hubby come home for dinner every day.


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