Wednesday, February 10, 2010

here are some pictures of prestons trip to the hospital.
monday morning we took preston to the ER because we couldn't get his astham and retractions under control. after the ER had him for five and a half hours with no luck he was admitted to the childrens hospital. the first day and night were really bad. preston was really, really tired, which makes everything even worse! he also wasn't to keen on being hooked up to wires and being on oxygen. oh and the arm restraints weren't to hot either. the next day was much better, after a good nap and having grandma there he was feeling much better.
i have to say, and i know i am biased, but everyone just loved preston. {with the exception of the night staff that first night! }he sure knows how to ham it up and even flirt! he was calling all the nurses by name and they were impressed with his vocabulary of the medical stethescope, thermometer etc. when i asked preston if he wanted to go home he said, "no." i don't blame him. he got to have cookies, fruit snacks, lots of attention, a big playroom and he got to go on lots of walks up and down the halls and ride the elevators.
grandma came everyday which delighted preston! {and me too}
we got home around 4:30 today and preston is feeling great! despite him saying he didn't want to come home, i think he was very glad to be here.
i am hoping we can dodge those nasty bugs from now on!

preston rocking shannon

riding his car!

still smiling

the weavers brought us dinner last night. preston kept trying to lick angie,
not sure what that was about.

playing peek a boo with grandma


  1. omygoodness! i just want to give him a BIG ginormous squeeze! i'm so glad you guys are safely home again :)

  2. poor little guy! I am so glad he is doing better and that you are all home!!!

  3. Glad he's feeling better! Isn't it nice the kids' hospitals do such a good job trying to make it a comforting fun place? But yeah, rather be home. :) What sweet pictures, and love him rocking Shannon, I remember that bear! :)


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