Friday, April 9, 2010

day 2.

Yesterday was day 2 in my coupon adventures. I was a little bit more confident this time. I wasn't breaking out in a sweat, hoping that my coupons would work without a hitch. No, this time I just apologized profusely over and over to the poor checkout boy and the man behind me.
(I made a promise to myself to not apologize next time!-I suppose I will just get more and more confident each time!)
The man behind me, did state that he was an "easy" customer.
I responded saying, "But I'm saving a lot of money!"
He said, "I'm all for saving money, but all need is diapers for my kid, beer, cigarettes, and sometimes a movie."
It made me laugh.
So this is what I learned on day 2.
  • I am not an "easy" customer.
  • I am OK with not being an "easy" customer-because I am saving a lot of $!
  • Don't apologize for using coupons
  • Before you check out-walk by all the cash registers and see which cashier "looks" the most friendly and helpful and choose that check out line!
  • Pack snacks for kids, if you bring them along-because shopping WILL take longer than normal.
  • This is a good time for kids to practice patience and to be others oriented.

I will post a picture of my loot soon!

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  1. Sweet! Good job. Yes, no apologizing next time. ;)
    I'm curious, what book did you get?


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