Wednesday, April 14, 2010


with all the cuteness, i thought it would only be fair to put in one or two know have to keep it even stevens:)

the pharse of the day seems to be, "i don't have too!" (now, say that to yourself in a whiny, defiant two year old kind of way) seriously, i don't know where he gets these ideas!?!

the next challenge (for me) is that preston is sooooooo busy. it's hard for me to keep up with his level of energy and curiousty! he talks (loudly) a mile a minute all day. but i love him :)

****disclaimer. although dave and i think that preston is the cutest most adorable thing ever, and says the most profound things that a 2 year old can say, i realize that not everyone cares to know about his each and every little thing he says or does. this is just a place that i document them:) without further ado. more preston-isms.

-in the morning preston will hand me my contact case and say,"here are you eyebaws mommy."

-yesterday when he woke up from nap he said, "Jesus help me not be scared!"

-he LOVES to go to church. last friday as we were walking into bible study he said, "i go to church and learn about God!"

-his latest thing is to come and find me and say, "know why?" i say, "why?" and then he'll say, "i don't know."

-he is VERY independent these days. he likes to do everything his self. and to show me how independent he is he will hold his own hands instead of mine. he will walk around the store or down the stairs holding his own hands. weird.

well we are going to enjoy this beautiful sunny weather today! it is supposed to be nice for a while-ahhhhh. i need some sun. seriously, i really need some sun. i'm really pasty and white:(


  1. i LOVE reading preston-isms! :) keep 'em comin'!

  2. haha so cute. Especially the "know why?", how adorable. :)
    And I totally agree, keep the Preston-ism's comin'!

  3. you don't have to explain yourself to us! we understand what it's like to want to remember all the cute things our kids have said ... you won't regret keeping a record of it! :) too cute!


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