Thursday, April 22, 2010

I got my paper today, all 10,000 pieces or 20 reams all for $3.04. Did anyone else buy some?

I was telling a friend that I would post a picture of my coupon notebook. So here are my supplies. Cute binder, cute notebook, and calculator.

I write down my lists sorted by store in my notebook.

I use baseball card holders to hold all my coupons, this is a must when it comes to finding your coupons fast! I got them (90 to a package) at the dollar store.

and then I also have some full sheet protectors to put my coupon books etc. in.
There you have it! Easy peasy!
I might have to make some "blank" journals with all of this paper that I have!!! That would really cut down my cost! That would make it 0.0003 cents per piece of paper;)


  1. I tried to get the paper, but the deal was pulled, or maybe I just did it wrong. I was really bummed because we go through a TON of paper with homeschool...

  2. holy moly girl! what a system you have...and TOTALLY wish i coulda' worked that paper deal - wowsers!!


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