Wednesday, June 23, 2010


was a good day. We spent the day at the Weavers, which is always a good day!

sno-cones were slurped up.

Thomas taking a break from runnning through the sprinkler.

Beautiful scenery.

Preston contemplating how to get the lawn mower without getting wet.

Look at the ribs on these boys! Sheesh, you'd think we didn't feed them!

It was a good day!


  1. It was a good day. Thanks for coming (and bringing food)!

  2. oh, how i miss that scenery!! by the way, thanks for the info on your previous post...i'm SO glad you got it back. i've been thinking about making my blog {or parts of it} into a journal book, too. just not sure on prices...something worth looking into for sure!

    hugs! :)

  3. Fun! Boys are sure cute in the summertime. Angie has a great yard!


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