Tuesday, June 22, 2010

women. girls. and two year old logic.

***Sorry for repeating myself, I know I already posted about this on my old typepad account...but I need to put it over here for documentation-so If you've already read this, just skip over it:)***

Sometimes, I wish I could be inside Prestons head, inside his thinking, get a glimpse of that 2 year old logic that is always present at our house.

I think I mentioned somewhere at some point in time that Preston had learned a new word. Woman. Nobody will fess up to teaching him this word and it's not one that Dave and I say...we would probably say lady. Maybe he heard it on TV, who knows!

For a while we would have conversations that would go like this:

Prestons: "Mom, is Angie a woman?"

Me: "Yes, Angie is a woman."

Preston: "Mom is Grandma a woman?"

Me: "Yes, Grandma is a woman."

He asks me several times a day if I am a woman too.

Have you ever tried to explain to a 2 year old the difference between a woman, girl and a mommy?? Phew!

Here's the part where I backtrack a little.

Preston (like most 2 year olds, i hope!) likes to test limits and boundaries and argue etc. My response when he tells me not to tell him no is, I am your mommy and I can tell you no.

So now he equates being a woman with having authority, the ability to be the final word. Oh boy......we are headed for trouble! I promise I am not a feminist;)

Here is how a couple of conversations went this weekend:

Me: "Preston, it's time to take a nap now."

Preston: "I am a woman and I don't want to take a nap!"

Dave: "Preston, it's time to pick up your legos."

Prestons: "I don't want to pick up my legos, I am a woman!"

When he gets mad at me his response is, "You are not a woman, you are just a girl."

His first insult.

Sometimes it's sooo hard to keep a straight face when he is getting a talkin' to!

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