Friday, July 9, 2010

The conversations are just continuing at our house. Preston, so inquisitive all the time.

He has been asking a lot of questions about God and heaven lately. At times Dave and I feel like this is so hard to explain to a 2 year old. We give him all the facts, but what he understands is a different story!

Here is a conversation between Dave and Preston.

Dave: Preston, it's important that we obey God all the time.

Preston: Is God a woman?

Dave: No God is a man.

Preston: Daddy are you God?

Dave: No, God is in heaven and he is all around us and in our hearts.

Preston: silently thinks...

I get asked about 20 times a day by Preston if I am a woman. To which I reply, "yes, mommy is a woman." If he is feeling ornery he responds by saying, "no your not, you're just a girl!"

When we were camping, Isaiah told Preston no because he was running away in the parking lot. Preston was deeply in awe that Isaiah was in fact allowed to tell him no. For a few days he thought Isaiah was a women, but we set him straight Ang. :)

I wish I could be in his head sometimes....

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