Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I & He

Preston has been cracking me up today! He is having a little trouble with using the correct words in sentences....mainly using "he" instead of "I."

When he was supposed to be taking a nap today he was standing by the door yelling, "he doesn't want to sleep, he wants to come out, he's going to break the knob, he would just like some room time!" and then finally an evil little laugh and some foot steps as he says, "heeeee's ouuut!" It sounds like it should be straight from a horror movie!

Tonight we were driving to the lake with my mom and dad and I was trying to explain to Preston that you say "he" when you are talking about someone else and "I" when you are referring to yourself. I said, "do you get it?" His response. "Yes, he does." He had us all laughing!

Oh Preston, life without you would be sooooo boring! XOXO

She is all done blogging now:)


  1. that is hilarious! i can just picture it! ♥

  2. She is laughing so hard! She can't wait to squeeze that cute little kid!


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