Monday, August 16, 2010

meet flappy.

This Sunday Preston got his first pet. A little goldfish named flappy.
At first he asked if he could eat him. We had to explain what a pet was and that we don't eat our pets. {obviously we are not vegetarians} ;)
***On a completely different note, and I went back and forth about posting this, but I want to remember it down the road so I will embarrass myself for the memories sake.
When we were at Priest Lake a couple of weekends ago we ate dinner at the Hills restaurant. It was nice and quiet, we were visiting when a motorcycle drove by. It was more of like dirt bike sounding motorcycle, you know the kind with a loud Vrooooommm.... Preston stops eating and says, "mommy was that you?" {thinking i tooted} I said, "Preston NO, mommy does not do that:)" He said, "Oh, was it another woman?" That kid, I tell you, I have no idea where he gets these ideas!


  1. Oh my goodness, P looks like Uncle Bill in that second picture!

  2. how cute! we tried goldfish and it didn't work out too well for us. :( I just can't be responsible for keeping one more thing alive.


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