Saturday, August 21, 2010

our weekend and some preston-isms too!

{preston & 'bunny'}

{Here we are at Perry Street Cafe}

{the next few pictures were taken courtesy of Preston}

{lovely shots, next time I will try to keep my
tongue IN my mouth, just keeping it real folks!}

{oh, how I love this guy!}

{he wasn't smiling when we were done}

{he thought this was sooooo cool!}

Here's is what has been on my mind about this little rascal!

First lets talk about fish. The poor kid is so confused about why we don't eat flappy. Because we are supposed to eat fish, right? We finally got him to understand what a pet is and that flappy is our pet until we went to Yokes and bought salmon. We're back at square one.

When I asked him if flappy was a boy or girl he politely informed me that flappy was a woman.

The other night when I was tucking Preston into bed he asked if I would sing him a song. I said of course I would what do you want me to sing? He said, I want you to sing about drains. Drains are his newest fascination. His first fascination was wheels, then we moved onto fans, light switches, outlets etc. So anyway he wanted me to sing about drains. Dave was in the room and we did a little duo, you know tag teaming it. We started singing drains drains drains, drains are so cool, there are so many types of drains, clean out drains, auxiliary drains, weep holes, bath tub drains, and sink de da de da. But the fun really started when we decided to take it up a notch, we started rocking the 'drain' song to the tune of girls, girls, girls by Beastie Boys. There may have been some hip swaying and clapping going on. He immediately started screaming, STOP, STOP! I wanna sing skina ma rink a doo, sing skin a ma rink a dink a doo! Needless to say he didn't ask me to sing about drains tonight.
Did you see that first picture of Preston and bunny-you couldn't miss it;) Bunny is Prestons newest favorite stuffed animal, companion, best friend. My Grandma McCoul gave it to Preston on his first Easter. You also can't help but notice that bunny is just about as big as Preston! This makes it kind of awkward when he wants to take bunny on our errands etc. I try my best to accomodate him on our little trips. He just loves bunny so darned much. They watch TV together, Preston shows bunny all around the house and you will often see them standing side by side playing tains together. Preston will tell me, "mom, do you see bunny smiling, he is so happy." I think bunny is the luckiest of bunnies in the whole world!

We had a fun and much needed family day today. We used our free breakfast voucher to Perry Street Cafe that Dave won on the radio contest a couple of weeks ago. In case you missed it on fb the question was, "what can you do at night to have good dreams?" The answer? Eat cheese. It is so random that Dave knew that, but we got an awesome breakfast! Then we headed to Riverfront Park to ride the carousel (which Preston did not like) and walked around. It happened to be 'unity in the community day' so there were some fun booths. It ended up being a great day.

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