Sunday, August 8, 2010

weekend adventures.

I am so glad to be home, blogging from my nice warm bed.....

This weekend was fun, and adventuresome! At least it was adventuresome for us:)

Friday afternoon we left to go to a wedding at Schweitzer Mountain. It was beautiful! Preston would tell you his favorite part was riding the chair lift to the top of the mountain. We saw a moose upon our arrival which was fun. Saturday morning could not have gotten any better. Preston and I woke up early and were surrounded by q.u.i.e.t. It was so peaceful. I think only a handful of people were up. Luckily the coffee shop was open and Preston and I went on a little early morning date. We went for a walk, saw some wild aminals (no that's not a typo, that's Preston pronunciation) which was actually some type of animal that is a cross between a squirrel and a marmot. We played on the swingswet-all surrounded by beautiful nature. It is definitely a view I could wake up to every morning! A fun getaway too if you want to get out of town for the weekend!

Saturday afternoon we decided to head out to Priest Lake to go swimming at Luby Bay. We ended up staying the night at Grandview resort, which is not a resort at all and I would NOT ever recommend staying there. I would rather have camped. In the open. Without a tent. Surrounded by bears before I would go back there!

We spent today exploring and driving around, checking out campgrounds and just exploring. it was a lot of fun. Preston is at a great age for these little adventures. We've made quite a lot of progress from last year when he hated going on car trips!

And on a different note, but completely worthy of mentioning (cross my fingers) we are a diaper free family!! Only undies for us:) It kind of feels like we should celebrate or something.


  1. Oh, yes, a celebration is absolutely necessary! I think you should all dance around the house in your undies...well, maybe not. You should make t-shirts or buttons for everyone and wear them out to get ice cream!!

  2. I love that, Ness--only undies for all 3 of you, huh? :)

  3. I was looking for one last getaway for our family before school starts back up, and after reading this post I jumped straight over to Schweitzer's website to check it out. Thanks for the idea! Sounds like you guys have had some really good times. :)
    And oh we are totally celebrating big when our last one is out of diapers! :)


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