Wednesday, September 22, 2010

our growing family.

Our family grew! By one little lab/beagle who is very much loved and adored.
His name is Steve and he is 2. I guess that means I have two, two year olds. hee, hee!
Preston is so in love and he has a little playmate that has as much energy as he does. They are so cute when they play in the back yard.
We've been having some interesting conversations lately, they've been going something like this:
me: preston, get out of the garden.
preston: but, mom, steve's in the garden.
me: preston, steve is a dog. you are not.
me: preston quite licking the dog.
preston: but steve licks me.
preston: (shaking his tushy) mom, when will I grow a tail?
me: preston, you will never have a tail.
Oh, and Preston has definitely taken notice, that Steve lifts up his leg when he goes potty and loves to mimic it at the park.
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  1. yay for puppies...miley will LOVE him when she visits! :)

  2. Congrats on the new member! :)
    He looks really sweet. Glad he and Preston are getting along so well. Hilarious all the comments. lol


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