Friday, September 17, 2010


--Last night at dinner Preston was praying. He started out the usual way, "Father in heaven, thank you for this day, thank you for all our blessing..." He must have been hungry or just plain lazy, because he immediately sped up and continued. "and thank you for this and that and that right there and this over here, and this and that. Amen." {he was pointing to all of plates and different food items on the table and he was saying his this' and thats}

--Earlier this week we had parenting class at church so Preston had to go to childcare. He was NOT happy about it. Not because he wanted to stay with us but because it wasn't in his normal Sunday school room. It was in the.....are you ready for it, the BABY room. He cried and cried. A friend was dropping on her little girl and she got Preston to stop crying by saying, "since you're such a big boy can you watch her and help her." Between sobs he said, "sure, sure." All was well.

When I went to go pick him up the childcare worker said, "he did great, he was the best one, he gets 3 stars!" So I am beaming and gushing with pride--thinking, humph, maybe I don't need to take this parenting class after all! (j/k!) When Preston looks over my shoulder at the lady and says with a straight face and a matter of fact tone, "I do NOT LIKE this church!"

--I think he's taken quite a few Sunday School workers by surprise with his verbal skills. One Sunday they told us, "we're used to kids just crying or whining or throwing themselves on the floor in a fit. Preston will just walk over to us and say calmly yet upset, I do not like my name tag, I am going to take it off and rip it and throw it on the floor!"

I guess we will never need to wonder what Preston is thinking. I'm sure he will tell it like it is.


  1. Reminds me of Collin, we were trying out a new church, and they didnt have childrens church, and the pastor was old and rather dull. Collin was squirming all over the place, when it was over he yells and I mean yells, ITS ABOUT TIME, I hate this church and I never want to come back. Man talk about running out fast and never going back, I was so embarrassed. I wonder if God sits up there and laughs at these moments.

  2. that is SOOO funny tandy! kids are so honest:)

  3. I love the Prestonism posts. They're some of my faves! And Tandy just made me laugh out loud too!


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