Monday, October 18, 2010

Go Chiefs Go!

Saturday we went to go support our local hockey team. Dave and I love going to hockey games-it's something that we don't get to do to often. We tried a couple of years ago with Preston but it was just too loud and he would get so scared and I would end up walking with him out in the hallways. Last year we didn't make it to one single game.

But this year was different. Preston being a little older we thought we would give it a try. He did pretty good too, he was a little squirmy but for the most part it was a fun "family date." They have people in the corridor who face paint kids and give them tattoos-Preston loved that. He chose a tattoo of Boomer, the chiefs mascot and got Go Chiefs Go painted on his face.

If you ask him what he thought of the game he would say he had fun but that he didn't like to watch the hockey guys. Oh well.

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  1. So cute! My husband Mark was there, he has season tiks with my bro in boys don't love hockey, too loud they say=)

  2. I love hockey too! I think it's from growing up on the East Coast! I haven't made it to a Chiefs game yet though...need to add that to the list :)


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