Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life with a boy.

Sometimes I forget that I have a boy. I try to get Preston to do activities like coloring, only to find out that it is more fun to peel and break the crayons than to sit and color. He likes to do all things fight and play guns, catapult little people etc. If you have a boy, you know what I am talking about!

We spent the past week at my sister Amys house. Of all the toys that her 5 kids have, this was Prestons favorite. He took one of the twins' princess wand, turned it upside down and stuck a barbie head on it.

He told me one evening, "mom, I wish you looked like barbie." When I inquired why told me because she has long hair and he likes the color. Hmmmm.

What am I going to do with this little boy of mine?

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  1. oh my, this story is even funnier with the pictures! he he

  2. The third picture is hilarious...the way he is holding her up and looking at her.
    THAT BOY!!

  3. LOL!!!=) Love...and love little boys, always a story, always crazy=)

  4. Okay, thank you, I so needed a laugh to lighten my day. ;)

    I *completely* understand the boy part. I have two very "boy" boys. I love kids with strong personalities. =)
    Though I should perhaps warn you that girls can come the same, lol, when Lexxi was little she was constantly doing crazy things like biting Dabriah's little barbie dolls heads off with her teeth--on purpose. And once when we were at Aaron's parents house we went out back to see what Lexx was up to and she was seriously drowning barbies in a wagon full of water and laughing about it.... Luckily she turned out okay. ;) Kid to kid it is so amazing how different their personalities can be.


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