Wednesday, April 27, 2011

22 weeks

At 22 weeks I am:

  • feeling much better-so glad those first few months are behind me!
  • enjoying feeling Gracie make her presence known. those little flutters are turning into big kicks and punches! I'm a little concerned that it is always at night when she decides to say hello!
  • loving how involved Preston is. he loves  feeling Grace move and he asks why she is doing 'hi-yas' (which is karate talk) inside me.
  • side note: today he found my wedding ring on my nightstand and brought it out to me. I told him it wasn't fitting right because sometimes when you are pregnant you get bigger and things don't fit...well later I heard him telling Dave, "here dad you can have this, mom can't wear it because she is going to have a baby and her thumbs are just getting way to long now." :)
  • am concerned at how uncomfortable I am feeling...I know I have a long ways yet to go! My tailbone hasn't hurt this bad in a long time (I broke it giving birth to Preston) I guess the baby is putting pressure on it-ouch!
  • still hate the smell of garlic. it's a constant battle in our house. and I can and will wake up if someone tries to cook with it late at night thinking I am asleep and won't notice-just sayin.
  • not sleeping well. ugg-that makes for a grumpy mama!
  • getting more and more excited as i anticipate Gracies arrival-it will be here before you know it!

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