Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's quite possible we have a vegetarian on our hands.  Until of course he learns that beef and chicken and all the other meat products we eat come from animals and not the grocery store! I suppose then he will have a hard choice to make, but until then...

Last night we had salmon for dinner. He did NOT want us to cut it. He kept yelling, it's an animal don't cut it! You will hurt it! Then he tried it, remembering that he loves salmon and came back for seconds and thirds until there was no more left. At one point he was actually petting our dinner. :)

He is so excited to go fishing with Grandpa this summer. All the kids get a fishing pole for their 3rd birthdays, but considering how much Preston loves worms and apparently fish, I'm not quite sure fishing will be in his future! He might just have to go along for the boat  ride. (Mind you, this is the same kid who when we got him his pet gold fish was disappointed because we couldn't eat it.)

Last night we went to the Chiefs game (they won in OT-woo-hoo!) He kept saying that he wanted both teams to win. It's so funny to see how his emerging personality keeps coming out.

I love how this little boy of ours can be 'all boy' one minute and then so tenderhearted the next.

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