Monday, May 16, 2011

Canada May 2011

Well, it wasn't part of 'the plan' to go to Canada this past weekend, but part of the plan is to go with the flow and well, the flow took us to Kelowna BC-where Daves family has a lake cabin on the Okanogan.  Last time we were there Preston was about 18 months so we were excited to take him again.  Unfortunately this wasn't a 'vacation' for Dave, he and his brother Scott were busy doing some repairs on the cabin. 

The highlights for Preston were seeing his cousins from Seattle that he hasn't seen since Christmas {Alyssa 15, Zach 12, and Porter 6} He had sooo much fun with them!! He also found some snails, 12 to be exact.  He also spent a lot of time walking around with the camera taking pictures and throwing rocks in the lake.

The highlights for me were getting a lot of reading done-6 hours in the car of {mostly} uninterrupted 'alone' time.  Sitting by the campfire and reading some more and waking up every morning to coffee made and Dave and I sitting on the dock soaking in the beauty all around was such sweet alone time, that doesn't happen very often! Morning is my favorite time of day and it is even more special when my night owl husband is also up to enjoy it with me!!

Great grandma bought these water shoes for Preston just in time! :)

Ok, so this picture up above may need some explaining. This was one of Prestons favorite 'subjects' to photograph. Duck poop. He had to go take pictures of it at least 3 times a day, every day. It made him gloriously happy to do so.

Dave hard at work-he did such a great job!!

I have a picture of us in this same pose about  1o or so years ago-I will have to dig it out, I think it was before the days of digital least for us.

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  1. 12 snails Holy Cow! This is so cute I miss the Lake!!!


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