Monday, May 2, 2011

'The Plan' for May 2011.

Hopefully all those April showers will bring us plenty of May flowers!! I am hoping for plenty of sunshine this month and I am longing to get in the garden, enjoy BBQ'ing with friends and soaking in some of that sun I've been missing all winter long!

I imagine most of May will be spent getting ready for the Salvaged For Good sale which will take place May 20-21.  We will also be celebrating Mothers Day, Daves 34th birthday and our 6 year anniversary!! 

{Some highlights for the month are:}

*Spokane Farmers Market opens this month on the 14th {8am-1pm}-it is my goal to go at least twice a month and get some healthy local veggies for my family.

*It seems like superheros are what it's all about these days-in fact they've taken over our house! Free Comic book day should be fun, there will even be visits from superheros like batman and star wars characters!

*Hopefully if the weather dries up I will be able to go to plenty of garage sales on Friday and Saturday mornings and possibly have one of my own.

*May will also hold our last MOPS meeting for the year. We will end the year with a field trip to Spokane Family Farms for our very last 4th week get together.

*May is also the last month of my second trimester....three more months to go before we become a family of 4!!

*May 7th and 8th from 12-4pm 22nd annual Mothers Day Walking Tour of historic Corbin Park Neighborhood--{hey! that's where I live!} Tickets are a little pricey $15pp...but since it's my neighboorhood it might be interesting to visit the selected houses-yes, you get to go inside! There will also be free carriage rides around the park.

*explore Riverside State Park. I've only been once and Dave has never been!

*Date night in Brownes Addition...Luna, The ELk-Any suggestions?

*Get the garden planted!!!!

Not on the plan was a last minute trip to Canada-we had a great time!

****{You can read about our 'plan' here}****


  1. Busy.

    one. day. at. a. time.

    Spokane's Family Farm is a blast.

    I hope to see you at the Salvaged sale. Oh, so fun.

  2. Hey- I hope I can make it to your sale, it looks like fun. Things are a bit crazy lately, I'm sorry we haven't been in touch lately. I need to give you a call soon!


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