Tuesday, June 7, 2011

28 weeks and life these days...

{picture courtesy of preston}

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant-which means hellooooo 3rd trimester!!! I have to say, I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore. I don't remember being this uncomfortable when I was pregnant with Preston. My skin hurts, my belly hurts and at times I can feel myself stretching! Some days I feel like I got done eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner all day long. I know it's worth it though and we are all so excited to meet this Grace of ours. Preston is always talking about how he is going to keep her safe, he tells us of all the things he won't let her play with, like knives and scissors and so on.

This week will hopefully be a quiet week at our house-last week was busy and so was this weekend! On Tuesday we took Preston to the ER. He caught a cold and his asthma started acting up. He got admitted right away and we ended up spending 1 night in the hospital-he did better than last time he was admitted but it was still a rough night. Let's just say a 3 year old who has had 10 does of albuterol (which is a steroid) a dose  of oral steroids and 2 doses of IV steroids within a 24 hour period does make for a sleepy child! He was amped up for days, we were very happy to get our 'regular' Preston back! :) Despite not feeling good he had all the nurses and therapists wrapped around his finger. When they asked him his name as he was getting admitted, he ever so seriously told them it was Bruce Wayne (AKA batman). He is such a stinker!  I should add he was wearing his bat mask pretty much the whole time too. He is always wearing some kind of mask or costume these days.  I get a lot of weird looks. 

This Friday and Saturday we had a garage sale. It was so nice to finally get rid of all of our junk! Now we have our basement back. Woo-hoo! What didn't get sold was immediately taken to the thrift store down the street.

I didn't make it to FarmChicks like I had wanted-but we did make it to Artfest at Coeur D Alene park in Brownes Addition, it was fun to look around-the highlight was the yummy food (In my pregnant opinion anyway.)

 {enjoying our ice-cream!!}

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  1. Preston is quite the photographer! Looks like you had fun. We will have to go to the farm chicks next year fo show!


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