Thursday, June 30, 2011

locker love

Ahhh, one of the joys of having a husband who is a carpenter is that he occasionally gets to bring me home some cool finds from a job that he is doing.

Right now he is working at a school and they were throwing away lockers, gasp! I told him to bring home as many as he could before they got scrapped.

Although my backyard is an eyesore at the moment....I know that I can do something really fun with these lockers!  I have a store {tossed and found} that is interested in buying them, I am just not sure what they are going for-does anybody have any ideas???? I have heard anywhere in the range of $25-$100 per locker. That is quite a large range in price!!

Here are some pictures:

Today he is bringing me home a drinking fountain....:)


  1. I for one am really happy about this score! ;)My garage is so much more organized!!!

  2. i just had a nightmare about jr. high. weird. ♥

  3. Okay...I don't know how much they are but I want to buy some..... CALL ME!!

  4. I just read about the drinking fountain...that is so cool! Then you don't have to have the kids asking you for a drink every other second and not as many dishes!...hehehe.

  5. I am just so jealous!!=) All last summer my mom and I wanted lockers. From a school. Where they were throwing them out. Well, I'm glad you guys saved those!! They are amazing! Love the part about the drinking fountain too...where is this dreamland??

  6. Oh wow! If I had a boy/boys they would each have their own! How cool are they? Please post something when you get your drinking fountain. That sounds soooo fun! I am a smidge-bit jealous! ☺


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