Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Today Preston trying to get out of taking a nap told me he was both judge and chief and didn't need to take one. That sort of talk assured me that he did!

The other night I was laying down by Preston at bedtime (which is when he really likes to talk!) He looked at me and said, "Honey, how about I put on some music?" He pulled the tail of his musical hippo and then looked at me and smiled. Then he said, "Now lets look at my lava lamp, just you and me." He's such a ladies man ;)

Preston always wants to know how big things. For example, he will ask if God is bigger than a house or if daddy is bigger than a tree.
Well today he asked if I was smarter than a buffalo. Sheesh I sure hope so!

Now this Prestonism really made Dave and I have to scratch our heads and think to figure out was he was talking about. This is how the conversation went:

P: Mom, remember Ms. Gruber (our neighbor)
Me: Yes
P:She died,she had cancer.
Me: Yes, she died. We miss her don't we.
P: Honey, remember when you had cancer?
Me:Ummm, (this is where Dave and I stare at each other in confusion) Preston, mommy has never had cancer.
P: Yes, you did. You had baby cancer.
Me: No, mommy has never had any kind of cancer.
P: (pretty insistent at this point) Yes you did! You had baby cancer, remember when you were in the hospital when Grace was born?

Now it clicks to Dave and I. Apparently He thought his little sister was a tumor, at least she was benign;)

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