Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 months old

Sweet Grace,

I can't believe you've been with us for 4 months already! It seems like it wasn't very long ago when you were in my belly, and I was oh so uncomfortable and waiting (very impatiently I might add) to be able to hold you on the outside.

Words I would use to describe you are:
loved, happy, content, easy going, smiley (and gassy, it wouldn't be truthful if I didn't mention that. You are one gassy girl!)

You are definitely a mamas girl but lately you have been flirting shamelessly with daddy! You love watching Preston and he makes you smile.

You love your swing, being cuddled,and eating. You have started to discover the world around you, you reach out for toys and 'play' with them. You love it when I read board books to you-especially the ones that are black and white. Just today you have started to blow bubbles. Genius I tell you!

We gave you your first food on Thanksgiving-it was baby cereal and you haven't stopped eating since! I don't think you have a favorite food-you like everything! And boy, you are one messy eater!

Your stats:
You weigh 13.5 pounds you are perfectly average in the 50th percentile!
You are 24.5" long which puts you into the 62nd percentile

{just to compare, Preston was 15 pounds 14.5 oz and 25" long at his 4 month well child check}

So far, the biggest dilemma I have in being the mom of a little girl is what cute outfit I should dress you in and what accessories should adorn you cute little body. I'm sure that will all change in years to come. I love having a little girl-you are precious and loved. Happy 4 months baby Grace!

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