Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

This was the best Christmas we've had.
We decided to do this different this year. We wanted to do without all the stress and busyness as much as possible focus on Christ more and enjoy spending time with each other and our families. We tried to focus on giving rather than getting, I'm not to sure that Preston bought that though, I think we will still need to work on that concept...he's only 3 after all;)

We opened presents on Christmas Eve morning instead of Christmas Day. It was a picture perfect morning. Dave and Preston both slept in until 9:30!! So I had time to make this delicious Monkey Bread recipe from the pioneer woman and get the house cleaned etc.  {It took a while to convince Preston to eat this monkey bread and convince him it was NOT made out of monkeys!} With the fireplace going and coffee in hand we sat down around the tree and then it started snowing, it couldn't have been more perfect! Preston loved his presents which consisted of mostly batman toys, as he opened each one he exclaimed how much he loved it. Then he had all day to play with them before we left for Nanas house for her ritual Christmas Eve clam chowder dinner.

It was nice not to be rushed on Christmas morning. We headed to my mom and dads and had a fun day with family and ate lots of yummy food:) And as always Preston had fun playing with the cousins!

Although the tree and decorations are put away until next year the celebrating continues...Preston turns 4 tomorrow!!!

I love this picture of Jonah and Grace!
Jonah is one of those boys that loves babies{at least from what I saw!} He was always talking to her and wanting to hold her...maybe it has something to do with having 3 little sisters!

Grandpa reading the Christmas story

Daddy and Gracie

All the kids waiting for their turn as Grandma hands out presents.

Bens turn!
Addies turn!

Addie getting a little help

I love that the other kids are excited for the one who is opening!

Ryan and Ben

Robert and Addie


Thomas and Preston with the much loved Bat cave!

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  1. The Monkey Bread thing is hilarious AND I can't believe Preston is turning 4!!! Crazy!

    Glad you had a great Christmas..... :)


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