Monday, March 5, 2012

Last week.

This week was a 'sick week' carried over from last week!
Preston had a fever, ear infection, asthma problems etc. When he gets a cold the days seem so long.  The nights are always so bad, asthmatics get that nightime cough and the only relief is to nebulize him. Giving a 4 year old steroids in the middle of the night also makes for long nights. Thank goodness for the netflix app on my iphone-he had a mini she-ra marathon.  Every once in a while I would wake up to him singing she-ra, she-ra and by the power of gray skull. As soon as he started feeling better, Gracie got a double ear infection and was wheezing so she had to be nebulized also! The silver lining is the downtime at home-I've been loving that!

This photos of Grace are with the hipstmatic app on my phone.  Preston calls them  'dirty' photos, but I like them.

Story time with Dad.
The sun, the sun, the sun! Yesterday was a gorgeous day!
We were so thankful for the warm sun-it got up to 61!
This is how I start every morning, sugar free maple flavored latte. This is sooooo good! I thought  coffee creamer would be hard to give up, but this is far superior in taste!

Giving daddy a welcome home hug. Daddy coming home is the highlight of the day! {the highlight of Daves day too!}
preston came upstairs looking like this, his hands were also covered in chocolate-you should see our couch! he wasn't too happy about getting his picture taken.

I have so many funny Prestonisms, unfortunately not all appropriate to post;) Here are a few I can share though.

Wednesday we picked up Thomas from school and this is a conversation between him and Preston.

Thomas: Preston, did you know that bats are born blind?
Preston: yeah.
Thomas: Isn't it cool how God made them, they can make noises and their brain tells them where to go.
Preston: Yeah, I know,  it's called echolocation.

Yesterday I overheard Preston having a conversation while playing with toys--I heard him say shut up and told him not to say that. He said, well I wasn't saying it to you or Grace. I replied, I don't even want you to say when you are playing and he said in a frustrated tone, fine what bad word can I say then? 

Last night he came in the kitchen and asked if he could have an egg to drop. Of course I said no. He tried to convince me that he needed it for a game he was playing.

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